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Revenge of the Robot Battle Nuns 

June 23 + 30, 2013

The End of the World. Foxy hallucinations. The President's mutant daughter. Mad science. Cannibals. And one bloody, perverse story of revenge. Who amongst you has a taste for the bizarre? An eager ear for this terrible tale? For those with a strong stomach, a twisted mind, and a perverse groin, REVENGE of the ROBOT BATTLE NUNS has it all. Aerialists, stilt walking, gender bending, boylesque, splatter, a rocking soundtrack, comedy, violence, and, of course, pasties. So what does happen when two people who hate each other the most end up stuck together in the end of the world? What is the sexy Scout's dark secret? What do you see if you lick a nuclear frog woman? What kind of welcome do you receive from a Lesbian Spider Cult? And WHAT THE FRICK are Robot Battle Nuns?!? Curiousity piqued? Nerves shaking? Pants tightening? Well, don't worry, apocalyptic cuties... The Robot Battle Nuns are closer than you think. And they're coming.... For you.

Featuring burlesque talent from every corner of Boston:
Femme Bones, Belle Gunz, Anne Frankenstein, and Sake Toomey of The Slaughterhouse Sweethearts
The Bitches of Destiny
Dale Stones of Sirlesque
Claude Kitten
Allix Mortis of Rogue Burlesque
UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb
Willie Dumey
Abby Normal, and Honey Pie of The Babes in Boinkland
Sindy Katrotic
Kid Vicious
Maggie Maraschino